Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Child psychiatrist's top ten reasons not to legalize marijuana

When it comes to marijuana policy, Colorado and Washington seem to be fairly similar.  Both states have legal medical marijuana industries and both states will vote on full marijuana legalization next month.  Therefore, I think a video of Dr. Christian Thurstone, from the University of Colorado at Denver, providing his "Top Ten Reasons Not to Legalize Marijuana" to the Colorado Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Society is pertinent to Washingtonians, as well.

Unfortunately, the video ends just as Dr. Thurstone starts talking about marketing marijuana to youth.

According to the Colorado Child and Adolescent Psychiatry website:

Recently, Colorado has seen staggering increases in adolescent marijuana use. Many parents, teens and teachers are confused about marijuana as both medicine and drug of abuse. Here is a link to materials written by our president, Dr. Thurstone, and the Colorado Department of Education called Understand the Big Deal: How Marijuana Harms Youth. This resource includes a one-page info sheet, a brochure and a slide set. Feel free to make copies and distribute.

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