Friday, October 19, 2012

The Liquor Control Board's role in marijuana legalization

Considering that the Liquor Control Board (LCB) is still working to establish regulations for the implementation of I-1183, the initiative that privatized and deregulated the sale of spirits/hard alcohol in the state, Initiative 502 has a tall order in store for them if it is approved next month.  At least there was an already established alcohol industry for the LCB to build upon.  I-502 will create a whole new industry that has never been established anywhere before.  

Initiative 502 states that by December 1, 2013 the LCB will have to establish a regulatory system that includes, but is not limited to :
       Licensing growers, manufacturers, and retailers.
       Determining retail outlet density.
       How much marijuana a business can keep on premises.
       Security and safety requirements.
       “The provision of adequate access to licensed sources of marijuana . . . to discourage purchases from the illegal market.”
       “Economies of scale and their impact on a licensees’ ability to both comply with regulatory requirements and undercut illegal market prices.”
       What marijuana containers should look like and include on the label.
       Establish “classes” of marijuana and marijuana-infused products.
       Advertising restrictions.
       The time and method for the transport and delivery of marijuana within the state.
       Accreditation for labs to determine if marijuana businesses are following standards.
       Procedures for eliminating marijuana not up to standards.

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