Monday, December 12, 2011

WASAVP plaintiff in I-1183 lawsuit

On December 7, a lawsuit was filed in Cowlitz County against the State of Washington to prevent the implementation of Initiative 1183.  WASAVP is one of three plaintiffs in this lawsuit.  A similar lawsuit was filed in King County by unions.

The lawsuit charges that I-1183 violates provisions of the Washington State Constitution because it addresses more than one issue.  I-1183 not only mandates the privatization of the sale and distribution of spirits/liquor by closing state stores and selling off the state's related assets, but it also drastically changes the laws regarding the distribution and sale of wine and alters the ability of the Liquor Control Board to regulate alcohol advertising.  Among the many changes to be brought about are:
  • I-1183 orders the LCB to close all state liquor stores by June 1, 2012;
  • I-1183 acts to deregulate the wholesale and retail sale of wine and liquor;
  • I-1183 eliminates existing restrictions on liquor price advertising.

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