Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bill to provide funds for prevention-intervention and community mobilization

Last year, WASAVP was behind HB 2014 concerning liquor licensing fees.  The bill would have increased liquor licensing fees and allocated some of the revenue to replace some of the funding that has been cut for prevention-intervention services in schools and the statewide community mobilization program.

The bill did not make it out of the House Ways & Means Committee but may still be alive for the upcoming legislative session.  WASAVP is now asking prevention advocates to contact their state legislators and tell them about the bill.  Advocates do not need to say that they are for or against the bill.  Advocates may inform their Representatives of the bill's status and educate them about the importance of prevention-intervention services in schools and community mobilization in communities. 

With the legislature and the Liquor Control Board re-vamping the liquor system in response to I-1183, this is an especially opportune time to advocate for changes to licensing fees. 

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