Thursday, December 22, 2011

I-1183 lawsuit moves forward

Yesterday, Judge Stephen Warning rejected WASAVP's request for a temporary halt to the implementation of Initiative 1183.  Below is an excerpt from The Daily News story about the hearing:

The Washington Association for Substance and Violence Prevention, the initiative's primary opponent, on Dec. 7 filed for a temporary injunction to stop implementation of privatization, which is set to take effect June 1, 2012. A second plaintiff, Dave Grumbois of Longview, joined the suit because he owns the building that houses the state-run liquor store on Ocean Beach Highway. Grumbois said he fears he will lose a steady tenant.

Also joining the suit are two Red Apple grocery stores in Kitsap County. Store owners say liquor privatization will cause them to lose business to big retailers like Costco.

The group's attorney, Michael Subit of Seattle, filed a similar suit in King County earlier this month. He argues that I-1183 violates the state constitution because it addresses more than one subject in one measure. In this case, Subit said I-1183 forced the state out of the hard liquor business, changed distribution and price controls for wine and imposed fees for public safety.

A hearing is scheduled for March 5, 2012 regarding the merits of the lawsuit. 

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