Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kid-friendly marijuana strains

According to the Huffington Post:

Owners of brands geared toward children of all ages are battling to keep notable names like Thin Mint, Tootsie Roll and Cinnamon Toast Crunch off the flavored nicotine used in electronic cigarettes.

Now the owners of those trademarks are fighting back to make sure their brands aren't being used to sell an addictive drug or make it appealing to to children.

"Using the Thin Mint name — which is synonymous with Girl Scouts and everything we do to enrich the lives of girls — to market e-cigarettes to youth is deceitful and shameless," Girl Scouts spokeswoman Kelly Parisi said in a statement.

The recent attention e-cigarettes have gained can be used to inform the emerging marijuana market.  For instance, the name “Thin Mint” is also used for a strain of marijuana that apparently tastes similar to the Girl Scout cookies.  Below is a medical marijuana ad that not only promotes Thin Mint marijuana but uses a cartoon character and offers a "free Capn Cosmics medible for first time patients."

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