Thursday, July 25, 2013

WA Representatives get an update about marijuana legalization and liquor privatizaion

Earlier this week, the Washington House Government Accountability & Oversight Committee held a work session about the implementation of Initiatives 502 (marijuana) and 1183 (liquor).

The first part of the work session dealt with the implementation of I-502 during which Liquor Control Board staff provided a progress report and answered questions from Committee members.

Here are a few notes about what was discussed regarding marijuana:

When discussing the public safety aspects of the Liquor Control Board's draft rules for I-502, Representative Hurst commented that the Board is off to a good start and that he expects that there will be a need to "go back and make changes" to the rules at a later date.

Rick Garza from the Liquor Control Board noted that substance abuse prevention advocates and the Governor both expressed serious concerns about advertising.  He noted that it's unlikely that they will be able to do anything about advertising through social and electronic media.

A discussion about a possible lottery for retail license applications and how that might affect the density of stores in certain geographical areas starts at around 41:00.

A discussion about the costs to cities and towns associated with implementing I-502 starts at about 54:00.

At about 1:12:00, Alison Holcomb from the ACLU discusses public health concerns and their efforts to reach out to substance abuse prevention and treatment providers.

To close the discussion about marijuana, Ms. Holcomb and Rep. Hurst discussed the problems associated with dabbing.

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