Monday, July 1, 2013

Reconciling WA medical and recreational marijuana markets

The Washington State budget that was approved this week includes a proviso about reconciling the recreational  marijuana marketplace with the medical marijuana system.  It states (on page 32): 

The liquor control board must work with the department of health and the department of revenue to develop recommendations for the legislature regarding the interaction of medical marijuana regulations and the provisions of Initiative Measure No. 502.  At a minimum, the recommendations must include provisions addressing the following:

(i) Age limits; 
(ii) Authorizing requirements for medical marijuana;
(iii) Regulations regarding health care professionals;
(iv) Collective gardens;
(v) Possession amounts;
(vi) Location requirements;
(vii) Requirements for medical marijuana producing, processing, and retail licensing;
(viii) Taxation of medical marijuana in relation to recreational marijuana; and
(ix) The state agency that should be the regulatory body for medical cannabis.

The board must submit its recommendations to the appropriate committees of the legislature by January 1, 2014.

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