Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Legalizing marijuana candy & cookies

Marijuana-infused products provide a perfect example of why marijuana policy is more complicated than the "regulate it like alcohol" slogan.  If marijuana is legalized, all marijuana products -- not just smoked marijuana -- will be manufactured and sold.  Products likely would include candy, cookies, and beverages that appeal to youth.

Below are just a few marijuana-infused products that are already produced.

Year in and year out, youth substance abuse prevention advocates run into stiff opposition when advocating for the tight regulation of tobacco and alcohol products that appeal to youth.  When advocates are successful, manufactures often find ways to skirt new policies.  Legalizing another drug that is harmful to youth would establish a whole new industry that will need to be constantly monitored.  A whole new industry that will act no differently than the tobacco and alcohol industries and market products to youth.

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