Friday, January 20, 2012

Bill update

WASAVP supports the following bills currently being considered by the state legislature.

o   HB 2014 Concerning liquor licensing fees.

o   HB 6166 - Concerning cigarette tax revenue for tobacco prevention and treatment programs.  

WASAVP is not in favor of the following bills currently being considered in the state legislature.

o SB 6060 - Allowing day spas to offer or supply without charge wine or beer by the individual glass to a customer for consumption on the premises

o HB 2573 - Transferring Programs to the office of the Attorney General

Following is a list of bills that are under review by the WASAVP Board.

o HB 2179 - Concerning objections to liquor licenses by local governments

o HB 2426 - Prohibiting the issuance of spirits retail licenses to certain membership organizations

o HB 2558 - Establishing a theater license to sell beer, including strong beer, or wine, or both, at retail for consumption on theater premises

o HB 2454 - Protecting qualifying patients of medical marijuana from prosecution for impaired driving when there is no actual impairment

o SB 6007 - Placing certain synthetic cannabimimetics and certain substituted cathinones into schedule I of the uniform controlled substances act

o SB 6265 - Addressing the medical use of cannabis

o SJR 8218 - Amending the state Constitution to limit certain initiatives placed on the ballot

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