Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Marijuana advertising milestone

Another legal marijuana milestone: the billboard ad campaign.

This billboard sure looks a lot like old "lifestyle" ads for beer and cigarettes.

In their press release, the company advertising their products says:

We've seen a lot of curiosity from the recreational market and hopefully that curiosity will translate to affinity for our brands," said Dax Colwell, co-founder of New Leaf Enterprises. "Our goal is to build brand awareness and educate the market about safe, lab-tested Cannabis, in an effort to minimize the stigma that Cannabis products face with legalization."

Moving forward, New Leaf Enterprises plans to increase its marketing investment by 200% in 2015, setting the pace for emerging companies in the cannabis industry. It will continue to invest in media awareness for its Dàmà products in an effort to educate the public about responsible use for Cannabis products, and to create a dialog to overcome stereotypes about the use of Cannabis products.

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