Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Liquor Control Board to adopt limits on types of marijuana infused products to be produced

Limits on the types of food or drink that may be produced by marijuana businesses are expected to be adopted by the Liquor Control Board tomorrow.  The proposed language (see 4A Handout 2 from the April 23 Board meeting) states:

"To reduce the risk to pubic health, food defined as potentially hazardous . . . may not be infused with marijuana . . . Any food that requires refrigeration, freezing, or a hot holding unit to keep it safe for human consumption may not be infused with marijuana."

Policies that limit the types of products sold are beneficial for public health.  A recent American Journal of Public Health article notes:

"Both the alcohol and tobacco industry have developed products that are particularly appealing to youths.  Examples include candy and gum cigarettes, alcohol pops, and wine coolers.  It seems valuable to impose restrictions on marijuana products targeting youths similar to those imposed on the alcohol and tobacco industry.  Although it may be impossible to think in advance of every possible product that could appeal to youths, examining current products would be a useful place to start.  The medical marijuana industry already sells THC-infused chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, Rice Krispies treats, hard candies, and lollipops."

Adopting rules that ban the production of marijuana-infused lollipops, Rice Krispies treats, gummy candies, and goldfish-shaped crackers, among other products that resembled foods usually eaten by children, could help decrease the risk to child and adolescent health.

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