Thursday, April 25, 2013

Liquor Control Board releases updated timeline for implementing I-502

Last week, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) adopted its official timeline for implementing I-502. This replaces the tentative timeline that has been posted on their website since December.

Here is the new information released by the WSLCB:

This official timeline is based on input from the public forums, our research, and all that we’ve learned in the months since the November election. The WSLCB is on track to meet the December 1 deadline required by I-502.

Key Elements of the Official Timeline
• The WSLCB will begin vetting draft rules with stakeholders in mid-May. This means that we will send draft rules via the Listserv to get your input before formally filing draft rules in mid-June. After you officially file draft rules – it’s called a CR 102 – any significant changes require the agency to start the process over. By vetting the rules with stakeholders before filing the CR 102 the process will be more efficient.

• The draft rules will be for all license types rather than one at a time. This means that any potential licensee will have a view of the entire recreational marijuana business landscape before deciding whether to apply for a license.

• Under this timeline, the rules will be effective in August, the WSLCB will accept applications for all license types in September and issue licenses as early as December 1, 2013.

Official Timeline Adopted April 17, 2013
The below timeline is the Washington State Liquor Control Board’s (WSLCB) official timeline for implementation of Initiative 502. The Board and staff are working from this timeline going forward. By law, the WSLCB must have the rules written by December 1, 2013. The agency is on track to meet this deadline.

If and/or when timeframes change we will communicate those changes via the WSLCB Listserv and our agency Twitter.

Mid May: Send draft rules to stakeholders for comment

Mid June: CR102 (draft rules) filed for the Producer, Processor and Retailer Licenses. The CR102 allows the WSLCB to seek public comment on draft rule language developed with input from the public during the initial comment period.

Small Business Economic Impact Statement issued with CR 102.

Late July: Public hearing/s on rules for the Producer, Processor and Retailer Licenses allowing the public to comment on the draft rule language.

Rules adopted.

Late August: Rules become effective.

September: WSLCB begin accepting Producer, Processor and Retail License applications.

December 1: Rules are complete (as mandated by law). WSLCB begins issuing Producer, Processor and Retail licenses to qualified applicants.

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