Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WASAVP testifies about alcohol-related bills

Another legislative session is well on its way and, as in previous years, many bills have been introduced to further deregulate alcohol in our state.  Yesterday, the Washington Senate Labor and Commerce Committee met and discussed multiple alcohol-related bills (listed below) and WASAVP provided testimony.

SB 5045: Allowing day spas to offer or supply without charge wine or beer by the individual glass to a customer for consumption on the premises.

SB 5111: Creating a beer and wine theater license. (Hearing is on the Proposed Substitute.)
SB 5607: Concerning beer, wine, and spirits theater licenses.
SB 5238: Concerning recommendations for streamlining reporting requirements for taxes and fees on spirits.
SB 5261: Prohibiting certain liquor self-checkout machines.
SB 5303: Concerning the identification of wineries, breweries, and microbreweries on private labels.
SB 5310: Creating a senior center license.
SB 5396: Concerning limited on-premise spirits sampling.
SB 5517: Changing the criteria for the beer and wine tasting endorsement for grocery stores.
SB 5628: Allowing multiple liquor licenses at the same physical premises.
SB 5674: Allowing wine and beer sampling at farmers markets.
To find more information about a specific bill, go to http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo.  

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