Wednesday, January 9, 2013

State representatives voice concerns about the implementation of I-502

In a January 7 letter to the Chair of the Liquor Control Board, Washington State Representatives Hurst, Carlyle, and Hunter request that they "change their approach towards implementation" of I-502 to "ensure that precious state resources are not wasted and that our valuable state employees not be exposed to any criminal liability."

Specific concerns that they identify include "many unresolved questions regarding the federal government and marijuana's continued listing as a Schedule I controlled substance, taxation policy, impacts on local governments, LCB appropriations for implementation and other public policy considerations such as the role of the LCB itself."

Though I-502 states that the LCB has until December 1, 2013 to have a regulatory system in place for growing, producing, and selling marijuana, the representatives consider this timeline "aggressive".  They state that that the current timeline for the implementation of I-502 "could lead to significant state resources being wasted on an effort that could ultimately be shut down due to . . . the Federal government."

In the meantime, a marijuana business group will host a meeting of marijuana business interests with Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn later this month to, no doubt, lobby for a marijuana business-friendly environment in the city regardless of what happens on the state level.

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