Friday, December 21, 2012

Marijuana lobbyists hired

Taking their cues from big tobacco and alcohol, marijuana organizations are hiring staff to lobby the Liquor Control Board as they develop our state's commercial marijuana system.

From the Washington State Wire:

Veteran lobbyists . . .will represent one of perhaps four separate groups lining up to impact the regulatory process of the Washington State Liquor Control Board as it develops the state’s, and the nation’s first recreational cannabis users’ retail business platform. 

. . . The two lobbyists will register on behalf what appears to be the first state association or coalition of the state’s larger, more business savvy medical marijuana producers. Hilary Bricken said the two will register with the PDC to “monitor and provide input on any legislation or regulation pertaining to the production, processing, wholesaling and retailing of cannabis.”

“We’ve (also) started a trade organization called The Cannabis Business Group that plans to advocate for itself and its interests in Olympia with our lobbyists,” Bricken added in an email.

Is anyone hiring lobbyists for youth substance abuse prevention?

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