Thursday, November 29, 2012

More marijuana legalization questions posed by the News Tribune

The News Tribune editorial board recently presented more questions that jurisdictions will need to consider as I-502 is implemented:

At this point, though, it’s not obvious that the rules will be honored. Will legal selling actually replace illegal selling? One test will be whether Seattle and Tacoma shut down “medical” marijuana dispensaries, which operate outside the law and typically cater to recreational users – including people under the age of 21.

Or does Washington get licensed and supervised retail marijuana stores – and unlicensed and unsupervised dispensaries?

Will city councils and prosecutors enforce I-502’s attempt to separate young people from marijuana? Possession by anyone under the age of 21 remains illegal under the law. Will charges be pressed against those who provide marijuana to young people? 

For that matter, will cities and counties continue to prosecute small-time illegal dealers? Will they now tolerate smoking in public? 

Or will the passage of I-502 become a pretext for ignoring the measure’s own rules?

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