Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 Washington State initiatives affecting prevention

Following is a list of initiatives that may appear on November's ballot in Washington that WASAVP is keeping an eye on:

I-1068 concerning marijuana
I-1072 concerning lowering the drinking age to 19
I-1086 concerning ending the temporary excise tax on beer and strong beer
I-1087 concerning ending the temporary tax on certain carbonated beverages
I-1088 concerning reducing the tax on tobacco products
I-1090 concerning ending the temporary taxes on bottled water and carbonated beverages
I-1091 concerning ending the temporary taxes on bottled water, carbonated beverages, and beer
I-1092 concerning ending tax increases enacted in 2010 on beverages and candy
I-1093 concerning ending temporary taxes on selling certain carbonated beverages and beer
I-1099 concerning closing state liquor stores and allowing been and wine sellers and distributors to be licensed for spirits (privatize alcohol sales)
I-1100 concerning closing state liquor stores, privatize sale of spirits
I-1105 concerning reforming state liquor sales

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